The House of Evil Granny

What a headache! You can barely move so much it hurts. You open your eyes slowly, still dizzy. Things come into focus – you are in bed, not remembering what happened and who even put you in it. You stand up, your feet shaking. Wait, what is this place?.. You don’t recognize the room. In fact, you can swear you’ve never been here before. But now you are, and you don’t understand a damn thing. You head for the door and try the handle. It’s locked. There is also a note on the table saying that you have five days to get out. And then the door opens, a tall skinny figure appears in the doorway… You expect this woman to let you out – but she’s wearing a creepy mask and she has a bate in her hands… She swings it – and you end up unconscious again…

That’s how you first meet Granny. Your goal in this game is to make it doesn’t happen all too often! Every time the scenario is going to be the same – Granny will hit you with her bate and you will wake up in the same bedroom, one day short of your supply of escape attempts. In total, you have five of them. So you need to use them wisely! Of course, it’s damn hard to avoid Granny all the time, especially when you play on a high difficulty level. She is incredibly strong and fast for her age, and she hears everything going on in the house!

So if you dropped that vase while rummaging through the cupboard, make no mistake – she is going to be here any minute! You urgently need a place to hide! But choose it carefully cause Granny knows her house well and she will look everywhere. She will also remember where she found you last time and check there if there is another situation like that. Cautiousness and ingenuity will help you get out, so focus and let’s begin!

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