The Baby In Yellow

When you are a young student and you constantly need money, babysitting seems like a great option. You just spend time with a cute baby – feed and bathe him or her a few times a day, play with their favorite toys together, read a bedtime story and put the little one to bed when it’s time to go to sleep… That’s all. But not in this case! The main character of this game got into a real nightmare when she was left alone with this extremely strange and mysterious child for several days. The parents are out of town, so you can’t call them in hysterics and refuse to work. Ditching the baby is not an option too. You will have to deal with this extraordinary and dangerous situation on your own!

As usual in horror games, at first everything will be calm and serene. You will unhurriedly perform the routine duties of a nanny – for this it is enough to check up on the child as frequently as possible to understand what mood he is in and what he needs. If the boy is crying, he is probably hungry or sad. The house has everything you need to meet the needs of the baby. Just go to the kitchen and warm up the milk, then put the baby in the chair and give him a bottle. After a while he will eat and calm down. And you can go back to the couch and take a nap in front of the TV while he dangles his legs happily in his crib.

However, if you neglect your work – for example, do not respond to the crying of a baby or go to him for too long – his emotional scale will creep up, and then the house will not change in the best way. Apparently, this child has supernatural abilities, because when he feels abandoned or offended, things begin to shake, furniture starts moving, bloody graffiti appears on the walls, and the child himself flies into the air and hangs above the floor in strange poses. Try not to let this happen for as long as possible. And if this happened – somewhere in the house an amulet is hidden, with which you can return the child back to normal! Start playing Baby in Yellow right now and immerse yourself in this exciting horror game!

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