Granny Chapter 2

Do you love escape room games where you have to find a way out of locked rooms and solve numerous puzzles? What if your life depended on it? Granny Chapter 2 continues the story of a mad old lady whose hobby is murder! Just like in the original game, you have to make it out of her grim and eerie house without getting hurt. And while the rules have remained the same, the place has become even bigger and more dangerous!

According to the plot of the game, Granny caught you, knocked you unconscious and brought you to a small bedroom upstairs. That’s where you are about to start your journey from. Your very first task is to open the bedroom door. Look around carefully – there are all kinds of furniture and objects in the room that you have to check. The key might be waiting for you in one of the drawers or, for instance, be hidden under a vase that you need to pick up to see it.

Just be very cautious and don’t drop anything! Granny has keen hearing – one she hears the slightest noise, you can expect her to appear at the doorstep swaying her baseball bate. You don’t wanna feel how heavy it is! Every time she catches you, the screen will black out and you will wake up at the very same place. You’ll have to start everything from the beginning – only this time you’ll know where to go and where not. You have just five days to run away which are equal to five attempts. Don’t lose them in vain and learn from your mistakes in the process!

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